BIOS    Who are these people - and why are they throwing rubber chickens ?

The FBnCC members are...

Al Smyth Vocals, Guitar

Cary Dachtyl  Drums

Cliff Starbuck Bass

Fred Gablick Sax, Flute

**Also you can find 

Joe Miller Drums

Wolf Waggoner Bass


The FBnCC is proud to have the following elite specialists helping out the fighting force...   

Coalition Reservists

Historical figures that stand tall in the world encyclopedia of Free Beer n Chicken:



Sherri Williams

Steve Wald

Andy Russ

Todd Silas

TC Brown

Chris Kasson

Al Smyth - National Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals


Al is a native ex-long haired hippie hillbilly from the foothills of upstate NY and has been playin' music in bands and what not (picture shown is a 'what not') for the past 15 years. 

Over the past few years he has been building on songwriting skills and blues chops in Columbus with his band Free Beer n Chicken Coalition.

"Al Smyth of the Free Beer 'n' Chicken Coalition caught my ear with his trio's version of thumpin' juke-joint, sit-down guitar-playing blues 'n' boogie. Quite the colorful character, and very funky, too."

"He's stolen back every lick Keith Richards stole from the country blues players..." -
John Petric, The Other Paper

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You perform the same blues as everybody else (including playing behind your head). Prepare to die."

Al Smyth's discography


Confessions of a Mobile Generation

A collection of original toons and arrangements

Featuring Linda Dachytl and the host of usual friends and FBnCC musicians including Cary Dachytl, Fred Gablick, Steve Perakis, Joe Miller, et. al.

Mastered by Brian Lucey who recently mastered the grammy winning Black Keys

  • Al Smyth
  • Joe Miller
  • Sherri Williams
  • Bruce Burton
  • Mack Marshall
  • Todd Silas
  • Cary Dachtyl
  • Steve Perakis
  • Linda Dachtyl
  • Ann Fisher

Recorded at 

  • Oath Studios (Big Spanking Records) - Eric French
  • Limestone Vale Recording - Brian Lucey
  • Pterodactyl Studios - Cary Dachtyl

Produced by Al Smyth with Eric French, Brian Lucey, Cary Dachtyl


Al's First Solo Album

ALL CDs available at ALL AL's FBnCC gigs  



You can also hear Al guest star on some other CD releases that are available ... check 'em out 

"Free"  by Mike McMann (featuring Al's hit Captin' Captin'1998 al smyth) 

Mike and Al formed the acoustic duo "Tropical Hot Dogs". This is a CD that Mike asked Al to record Al's song Captin' Captin' on. That's Al on vocals and acoustic and Mike on electric. Click Here to Hear Captin' Captin' 1998 al smyth


 "Pel Mel" by Jason Ludwig

Jason met Al locally at the Thirsty Ear, and although moved out of the Columbus area - all the way to Cincinnati - when it came time to add slide guitar to some of his originals he knew just who he had to ask. Of course Ry Cooder wouldn't do it - so he asked Al instead. 


Want more buzz on Al ? See what the critics are saying ....


Click Hear to Hear a sample of Al playin' Slide



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Fred Gablick - Sax, Flute

Fred is a gun-for-hire sax slinger who runs with all the big boys in the Columbus area.

His resume includes 

....just to name a few (phew!!!!)

After Mack Marshall's "accident" (think Tony Soprano... no I'm just kidding...). Fred was nice enough to step in and provide a wicked amount of professional chops that makes us smile and groove !!!

"...When he starts to blow, you'd better buckle your seat belt. Whether gently swinging or honkin' a riff, Fred's distinctive and soulful playing gives the band plenty of steam. "

- The Silky Ray Band



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Cary Dachtyl - Percussion

Cary Dachtyl is currently President of the Ohio Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society and percussion instructor and director of the Kenyon College Percussion Ensemble. In addition to playing timpani with the Cathedral Brass, Cary plays drums with LDB3, jazz vibraphone and runs a digital recording studio in Columbus, Ohio.



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Steve Perakis  - Bass, Vocals


Cliff played bass with ekoostik Hookah from 1991 to 2009. He is known about town as the multi-talented string and tuba kat who has deep knowledge of bluegrass its roots; old-time, country blues, Irish tunes, folk ballads, and classic country music. He has played with artists such as Arlo Guthrie, Sam Bush, Vassar Clements, Bela Fleck & Jeff Coffin, Dicky Betts, Bob Weir & Ratdog, Cyro Baptista, Jonathan Edwards, DJ Logic, Keller Williams, Little Feat, C.J.Chenier, Leftover Salmon, Derek Trucks, Vince Welnick, David Nelson, Merl Saunders, Stanton Moore, Railroad Earth, Moe, Hot Tuna, John Bell, Michael Hurley, Jeff Austin, Scott Law, and Ken Kesey.


And then ya have coalition fighters like...


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Adam Sheets - Harmonica

Adam is a native of Meigs County Ohio where everything is 2 hours away.

He hails from a musical family who for the most part form the Mudfork Blues Band - which Adam is a member of. He has played bars, festivals,  and shows across various parts of Ohio (and other parts of America as far south as Florida.)


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Dexterous Dan The Juggling Man!!!

Oh Yeah - the FBnCC has a guy who Juggles and his name is Dan.

More importantly, and no thanks to Great White, HE EATS FIRE !!!! OH YEAH BABY !!!

Dan is a native of Michigan (land of Ted Nugent) and has performed in a professional capacity (a juggler for hire) for many years - from Medieval festivals to parties (both child and Adult) and the FBnCC is proud to present him whenever possible.

not actual picture of Dan (but a life-like example of his skill !!)

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 Wolf Waggoner - Bass, Vocals

 Wolf Waggoner - the bass player of Blacklick (aka the "Netherwoods")

Wolf is a cat (well, more of a dog, or actually a wolf) who has the right attitude. I've never met a bass player with more enthusiam and dedication, and this certainly comes across in his musicianship.

Wolf's tastes and styles vary from klassic rock, metal, to obviously the eclectic blues/funk/country of Al Smyth - but one thing doesn't vary is Wolf's work ethic and steady thump!

Check out all the Wolf shtuff @


Joe Miller  - Percussion

Joe learned to play the skins at an early age. He lays down a greasy and powerful blues groove with a twist of funk, jazz, and rock. He found his home in blues after studying artists from the 1930s through the present and has had the pleasure of opening for and meeting some of the legends ("Knock 'em dead" said Honeyboy Edwards). Through a small forest of birch, aluminum, and rubber chickens Joe can be heard at all FBnCC gigs.  


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Bruce Burton  - Bass, Vocals

 Bruce has been a working blues and rock musician for many years, starting out in Marion, Ohio in the 1970s. He was the original bass player for the Bobby Floyd Trio (with Bob Breithaupt) and played in various rock/jazz/R&B bands 70s. In the 80s he left Ohio and moved in to the college music scene with early alternative, metal and rock bands in Tennessee and North Carolina. Burton moved to Florida in the early 1990s, forming the funky six-piece group Night Train as well as playing with Joe Walsh and Dickey Betts. He returned to Ohio in the fall of 2001 and formed the blues/rock combo MetroGnomes, based at the Stage Coach BBQ joint in South Bloomfield. 

Bruce comes back to the FBnCC with the talent and stage presence that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your ears.


Sherri Williams - Vocals

Sherri Williams was the hardest working woman in Columbus. When she was not giving 110% to being a journalist for the Columbus Dispatch she is traveling or performing various community service, or something - and then between all that she found time to add he soulful vocals to some of FBnCC's biggest hits (Thorn in My Side, Mixed Drink, KEEF, On the Drink, White Lightning...).


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Steve Perakis - Bass

Steve Perakis_D1


Steve is the go to guy on bass in Columbus.

His projects include Honk Wail & Moan (9+ member jazz combo and 6 member swing combo), Sean Carney Band, Tommy Smith Quartet and QED Jazz. Steve also leads a Soul Jazz combo and a Latin Jazz combo and is involved with several sophisticated groups and projects, as well as teaching, and studio work.

He gained a big "oh, yea that guy - wow" in the blues circles when he as member of Sean Carney's group won the 2007 Blues Challenge.


Billy Cory - B ass

Bill was directed our way as a sub by our man Steve Perakis

If Steve recommends you then that's a notch in yer gun belt. Bill did jazz studies at OSU and plays in several Columbus bands including Gipson & Fitz.

Check out