The Puffed Feathers (proud roosters and chicks)

Should I know these guys (and gal) from somewhere ? Have they done anything significant on this earth ?




Brush with greatness...

  • Al Smyth opened for Honeyboy Edwards (living legend who played with Robert Johnson) at the Blues Station

  •  Free Beer and Chicken Coalition opened for Buckwheat Zydeco at the Promowest Pavilion

  • Up until it's demise, we were proud to warm up each time Watermelon Slim came to the Blues Station.

FBnCC at Festivals

  • COMFest

  • Creekside

  • Pomeroy Blues & Jazz

  • Blues in the Hills

Free Beer and Chicken Coalition have worked top billing weekend dates at...

  • The Thirsty Ear Tavern 

  • The Blues Station

  • Short North Tavern

  • High Beck Tavern

  • Park Steet Tavern

  • Grandview Cafe

  • Plus several other Columbus fine music establishments (see Gigs)

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