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(originally posted on in Jan 2004 - Al opened for him then too.)

One of the few original Mississippi Delta Blues musicians still living today, David 'Honeyboy' Edwards was born June 28, 1915, in Shaw, Mississippi and is a man who not only sings of hard times, he lived them. He recounts early 20th century Americana, complete with tales of sharecropping, jumping freight trains, and playing juke joints. Interwoven throughout Honeyboy s storytelling, raw guitar, and vocal performances are B.B. King, Willie Foster, and Waymon Meeks who also lend their insights.
Honeyboy is a 2002 National Heritage Fellowship recipient, an award presented by the National Endowment for the Arts. He will be performing solo, just as he has been doing since the early 1920s at BLUES STATION Jan.22nd, 2004.

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Timeline from: The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project of Starkville High School

1915 -  Born in Shaw, Mississippi, on June 28.

1932 - Traveled a year with Big Joe Williams when he was just seventeen.

1942 - Folklorist Alan Lomax caught Honeyboy on tape while doing field recording for the Library of Congress.

"How cool is that ?" - al smyth

1951 - Honeyboy started recording commercially in Houston, Texas for Arc Records.

1953 - Performed a fine slide guitar performance on Drop Down Mama.

1954 - Honeyboy settled in Chicago.

1960's - 1970's  -  Honeyboy played small street corners and clubs with some famous bluesmen.  He had a new release with Big Walter Horton and guitarist Eddie Ell in the early 70's.

1998 - Honeyboy's autobiography, The World Don't Owe Me Nothin' was published.