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"Didn't you used to be Jimmy Page?" - anonymous person talking to Peter Frampton



Ann Fisher

Todd Silas

Andy Russ

Bruce Burton

TC Brown

Chris Kasson

Steve Wald

Mack Marshall 


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FBnCC has been very lucky to have such a distinguished list of past members


Ann Fisher - Flute, Vocals

Ann Fisher is an columnist at the Columbus Dispatch and is a classical if not just plain classy flute player. She is a native of Ted Nugent country (that's Michigan for all you non-"Kill 'em and Grill 'em" fans), and has been playin' flute since the days of Ted Nugent (that's the 70's for all you who don't remember Wolfman Jack on the Midnight Special).

With the FBnCC Ann provides a blues flute edge to Jethro Tull and Johnny Winter (ya got ta hear it to know what I'm sayin').


Mack Marshall Sax, Flute, Percussion


Having recently moved to Columbus with his family (originally from Charlottesville) Mack sought shelter with the FbnCC. He has performed in the states of AL, CA, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, LA, MA, MN, MD, MS, MT, NE, NC, NJ, OH, SC, TN, VA, WI and WV (not to mention the state of Confusion) with bands such as

  • "Clyde Stubblefield Band" - 9 piece R&B/Funk featuring James Brown drummer Clyde Stubblefield (member of the R&R Hall of Fame)

  • "The Rotations Band & Show" - 12 piece soul/R&B

  • "Our House" - 7 piece oldies/top 40

  • "Blue Ice" - 6 piece variety show band (featuring 3-time country song writer of the year Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Bros)

  • "The Houserockers" - 7 piece top 40

  • "The Moon Gypsies" - 5 piece progressive (a former drummer was the cat from Georgia Satellites Mario Magellan)

  • "The Waterford Blues Band" - 7 piece blues band (semi-active band in Cincinnati)

and has recorded on several CDs and DVDs ('Family Tree' Robert Conway, 'In a Heartbeat' Bob Westfall, 'Kinda on the Country Side' Gabe Graham, 'I Ride a Hog' Robert J. Conway, and 'Live @ Monona Terrace' Clyde Stubblefield).

Mack was featured on Al Smyth's CD 'comfort me'.

Mack plays soprano, alto, & tenor sax, flute (concert and alto), percussion & some keys.

Todd Silas - Bass

Todd is Godd !!!

The FBnCC has no doubt you'll see this graffiti painted on walls (what will Clapton think?)

Todd is a veteran professional musician who has anchored down such acts as 

  • Men Of Leisure
  • Ray Fuller
  • Mark Haines and the Remains
  • Dave Workman/Willie Pooch
  • Smokin' Section
  • Terry Davidson

His favorite color is clear, turn ons include playing upright bass (see him when he plays with Ray Fuller - maybe even some FBnCC shows) and not performing SRV covers.

The FBnCC is happy as a pig in shitake mushrooms that this drunken-monkey (don't blame me - that is his email account!!) is one of our newest and brightest stars !!! 



Steve Wald - Bass

Who would have thought that FBnCC stands for "Finding Bass and Constantly Celebrating", but yet here we find ourselves again.

Steve Wald has been playing guitar professionally for 25 years. He also plays bass and harmonica for the Columbus area band "Soul Satyr". In October of 2005 Soul Satyr placed 2nd in the Columbus Blues Alliance "Blues Challenge", a contest among the best blues bands in the area for best live performance.

Steve Wald guitar and bass lessons:

from www.stevewald.com

Electric or Acoustic

I teach ages 6 years old to adult

Studios: Gahanna, Clintonville, Grandview

First lesson free!

$17.50 per half hour lesson.

25 years professional experience

Call Steve at 648 9012

click here to send an email to Steve



Andy Russ - Bass




Don't F&#$! with us Andy Russ , esq.

The picture may be small, but the man and his sound is big. Andy is an experienced local musician (MLC Project). He rescued the FBnCC when our hero Bruce Burton took a leave of absence.

A few FBnCC heads turned fast when we lost Andy - "Can't you keep a bass player?" was the question of the year - but we appreciate more than we can convey our time with Andy and look forward to running (well walking - who am I kidding) in the same blues circles as Andy and the MLC Blues Project.

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Bruce Burton  - Bass, Vocals

 Bruce has been a working blues and rock musician for many years, starting out in Marion, Ohio in the 1970s. He was the original bass player for the Bobby Floyd Trio (with Bob Breithaupt) and played in various rock/jazz/R&B bands 70s. In the 80s he left Ohio and moved in to the college music scene with early alternative, metal and rock bands in Tennessee and North Carolina. Burton moved to Florida in the early 1990s, forming the funky six-piece group Night Train as well as playing with Joe Walsh and Dickey Betts. He returned to Ohio in the fall of 2001 and formed the blues/rock combo MetroGnomes, based at the Stage Coach BBQ joint in South Bloomfield. The Gnomes took a hiatus in late 2004 and Al lured Bruce in to the free range chicken coop where amped-up blues and greasy funk collide.



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TC Brown

TC Brown holds the status of being one of the original '03/'04 FBnCC boys. He is a Columbus musician and well known Capital reporter. TC has played in various rock, jazz, funk and original bands in Ohio and the San Francisco Bay Area, including the famous Pink Flamingos.

TC has been known to play into and then back out of a pool - can you do that ? I didn't think so.

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Chris Kasson - Bass, Motorcycle

Chris is a man of mystery. 

Like all superheroes and the more clever villains, Chris has an identity during the day that is separate and unknown to the darker seductive world he eventually travels into where he is known as "Chris" who was part of the '03/'04 line up of the FBnCC.

In 2006 Chris, along with some blues veterans formed "The Bluesville Drifters"


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